Native teachers: Our team

The native teachers of our language academy

Our native teachers are professional experts in the teaching of English as a foreign language. The classes they teach are dynamic with useful and practical educational objectives.
Our methodology is communicative, based on improving the linguistic competence of the students to speak, listen, write and read in English.
In most cases, the success of a student at the academic level, depends a lot on the type of teacher who has taught the classes. We think that the best resource that an academic centre can have, in this case of languages, is its human resources.
Nuestro equipo, formado por profesores nativos
We all know the importance of receiving English classes or any other language, from a native teacher. Who better to perfect your pronunciation and teach you the best way of expressing yourself. Our team of teachers are not only native speakers, but also expert teachers. The quality of the teaching staff determines the quality of your learning.
The selection of our faculty supports the many official certifications our students have achieved. If you are looking for an academy where you can learn English in an agile, dynamic and safe way, come and visit us.