English courses for 12 to 18 year olds.

inglés para jóvenes

Idiomarum offers specialized English courses for young people from 12 to 18 years old. The groups are small, which facilitates the practice of oral expression. They are organized by age and level. For this reason, the rhythm of the class is appropriate for each student and allows practicing oral expression and assimilating grammatical structures. It also allows you to learn grammar in an appropriate study and work environment.

Our teachers are native and professional experts in the teaching of English as a foreign language. The classes taught are dynamic, with useful and practical communicative objectives. In this way, the students of the English courses for young people learn to master the language with ease and without limitations.

We have English courses for young people of all levels. From beginner to advanced and we offer various options to accredit the B2 level. This is the level required by Universities.

To obtain certification, they can choose to take exams at the University of Cambridge.

English courses for Secondary and High School students

Classes for young people who are studying ESO and High School are 3 hours per week.
In all cases, the High School students will be able to take advantage of any schedule of the courses for adults. We adapt to the level of the student at all times and of course, to their availability.


  • Mediodía: martes y jueves, de 15:45 a 17:15 h
  • Mediodía: miércoles y viernes, de 15:45 a 17:15 h
  • Tardes: martes y jueves, de 17:30 a 19:00 h
  • Tardes: lunes y miércoles, de 18:30 a 20:00 h
  • Tardes: martes y jueves, de 18:30 a 20:00 h
  • Viernes tarde: de 17:30 a 20:30 h
  • Sábados mañana: de 10:00 a 13:00 h