English courses for children

from 6 to 12 years old

At Idiomarum we offer English courses for children of ages 6 to 12, planned to stimulate children’s natural enthusiasm for communication.

Our teachers are qualified to teach English classes to children and take advantage of the ease of the smaller ones to acquire excellent pronunciation.

The groups are small and are arranged according to age and level. This way, all students receive personalized attention from the teacher and the pace of the class is suitable for each child. Assessment and progress reports are delivered every three months.

Families have access to the intranet where they can consult the syllabus of each class and monitor attendance and quarterly evaluation.

The course programme, with entertaining and educational content, guides them towards obtaining certificates from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge University exams during their secondary education.

At Idiomarum we are up-to-date and prepared to offer the best training in a suitable environment for primary school students with a very practical approach to classes.