Courses for companies

English courses for companies are aimed at developing the necessary communication skills in the workplace. Students will learn to deal with international clients, participate in meetings, make presentations and carry out their professional work effectively.

The professionals of Idiomarum analyze the needs of each client according to their sector and market and propose tailored content so that learning can be put into practice immediately in the professional environment.

Idiomarum manages the entirety of the course material:

  • Analysis of the level and needs of the participants
  • Planning of training actions
  • Imparting and follow-up
  • Continuous assessment
  • Processing of funding
  • Satisfaction surveys
Fundación Tripartita

Subsidy funding

Idiomarum is a school registered in the State Foundation for Employment Training as an Organizing and Imparting entity.

Companies have a credit for educational purposes which can fund their workers’ English courses through  FUNDAE.

As an organizing entity, Idiomarum can process the management of the financial subsidy that is made effective through discounts in Social Security contributions.

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Types of courses

  • General English, with content adapted to the levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), from A1 to C2
  • Preparation for official exams, Oxford Test of English, Cambridge
  • Specific English, syllabus adapted to the needs of the business sector, developing various skills according to the demand.

The courses can be held in Idiomarum, the academy has 20 classrooms in the centre of Barcelona equipped with audiovisual resources and the necessary material to teach courses.

We also offer classes in-house (in-company), our teachers travel to the workplace to facilitate adaptation and students do not waste time in travelling.

Courses for companies can be done as a group or individually (one to one).