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EIM-Universitat de Barcelona

EIM-University of Barcelona
Students at Idiomarum who complete and pass the extensive course receive a certificate from the University of Barcelona, stating the level obtained.

Oxford Test of English Official Examination Centre

El Oxford Test of English Official Examination Centre This Certificate from the University of Oxford reliably and accurately verifies linguistic. It is 100% online and lasts two hours. The result is matched by the European Common Frame of Reference and enjoys international recognition.

Cambridge English Language Assessment

Idiomarum is a Cambridge Certification Centre with extensive experience in obtaining PET, First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency

First Certificate (FCE) B2
Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) C1
Proficiency (CPE) C2

Idiomarum Levels  European Common Frame of Reference  Oxford University
Test OTE
 Beginner  A1.1
 Elementary  A1.2
 Pre-Intermediate  A2  A2  KET
 Intermediate  B1.1
 Intermediate Plus  B1.2  B1  PET
 Upper-Intermediate   B2.1
 Pre-Advanced   B2.2  B2  First Certificate
 Advanced 1   C1.1
 Advanced 2  C1.2  Advanced
 Proficiency  C2  Proficiency

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